Stolen Horse Dreams

Horse-obsessed twelve-year-old Kelly Moore is determined to do something no one her age has done before: win a National Barrel Racing Championship. All she has to do is win the State Finals first. When her beloved horse, Rocket, and seven other horses are stolen right after she competes, Kelly freaks. She’s horrified that her horse may be on its way to the slaughterhouse. 

Kelly’s biggest competitor, Missy, had her horse stolen too. And Missy is not going to let Kelly leave her out of the chase. With or without help, Kelly’s determined to catch the thieves and find her horse before it’s too late. 

But chasing after the horse thieves leads to trouble. Kelly and Missy must put their dislike of each other aside in order to work together to save their horses—and themselves—before it’s too late for them all.


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