Perpetually eighteen-year-old Nicodemus thinks he knows the purpose of Hell. After all, he was born there. As a Hell demi-god, Nick brings immeasurable pain to humans. After two thousand years, he’s over it. 

When Nic is forced to bring a fifteen-year-old human to join the permanent ranks of Hell, the fight to keep the last shred of his humanity begins. Nic’s own twin, slave to the ruler of the 
Underworld, is hell-bent on getting the powerful human first. And if the twin can’t get the human, the Underworld will settle for the human’s sister. The twin will stop at nothing to get them. Killing Nic included. 

With Hell on the brink of war with the 
Underworld—winner take over Earth, Nic must choose which side to fight for—and which person to save. Save the human, save and get the girl, or save himself?



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